Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Review , EOTD

Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Review , EOTD

Hello Ladies
So the festive season is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, everyday there’s someone or the other visiting home or vice versa. Parties, get togethers and all such colorful and cheery occasions.  And I think looking different yet pretty everyday is quiet a task, I mean you can’t go with the same makeup everyday everywhere. :P Right? Naturally I do have decent lashes, like they are long, thick and all such adjectives. :P But even I like to amp up my usual eyes and add some extra lashes sometimes, yesterday we had guests visiting our home for regular weekend cocktails, and I thought I must get a bit active and get myself done I didn’t do some OTT makeup but a deep dark lip and a super winged eyeliner.  I used the Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 for this, and hence I thought I should share it with you guys.

Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Review , EOTD

Product Claim:
Our most popular lashes are lightweight, reusable, easy to apply, and the ultimate in comfort. They’re made from sterilized, 100% human hair so they look and feel like your own. Ideal for first-time users, they come in Starter Kits that contain everything needed to apply lashes in three easy steps. In Black or Brown. Choose from 29 different styles.

Glamour – Night


Large Eyes
Almond-Shaped Eyes

Price and Availability:
The Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 are available at Sephora for about 40 AED.

Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Review , EOTD

My thoughts on the Ardell Fashion Lashes 118:
Frankly speaking as mentioned before I am not a huge fan of false eyelashes. I am pretty happy with my natural eyelashes and olive oil does wonders for my eyelashes and eyebrows. Anyways getting back to the Ardell Fashion Lashes 118, I chose these lashes since they are not really “fake” in the face, they are wispy and not OTT. I do not like those “straight” bushy lashes, I like the once which have the right curl as well as decent volume to them, nothing too much.  The Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 have these shorter lashes in the band which volumizes the lashes and the longer ones give the illusion of long lashes.  Hence I chose them. However they are dramatic and very apt for parties and evening wears to be precise, they are not the kinds you can wear to work to be specific.

Here’s how they look on my eyes:

Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Review , EOTD

The lashes do not feel synthetic at all and are made from 100% human hair.

I have used them a couple of times and they are intact enough to be worn for another 7-8 uses minimum. 

I usually load them with mascara and when I remove them I use olive oil or makeup remover to get rid of the mascara and liner on the lashes and they clean out pretty nicely without any damage. 

Using a proper glue for falsies is very important, and these falsies sit pretty comfortably on the eyes for hours to come and go with the glue I use. 

They can be curled easily and they do not damage on heat curling or regular curling. Hence I love these a little more than the others.  Moreover they are light and do not give that consciousnesses about wearing falsies, which some of the other lashes I use give. :(

The band of the Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 is invisible which is great since this reduces the chances of the viewer to spot fake lashes, and when I have the band coated with a liquid liner it is seriously very difficult to spot the difference between the original and fake lashes.

Overall I enjoy using false lashes every now and then if not regularly. They kind of give your eyes a little more opened look and adds a vivid sensuality to them. 

I do not really have a con to mention about these lashes. :)

ardell application

I will be doing a post pretty soon on how to apply false lashes and way to make them look natural. 

Do you use falsies? If yes how often? What kind of falsies do you like, the dramatic ones or the wispy ones.

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