Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin

 Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin
Everyone is familiar with Sandalwood or Chandan as it is known in India. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about its lesser known counter part, Red Sandal wood ( Rakhta chandanam in Malayalam). This special variety of sandalwood is available in only two places – Cuddhpah and Chittoore – in Andhra Pradesh – Tamil Nadu border. Now, where I come from, red sandal wood is in more common use than chandan, as it is more widely available in Ayurveda shops and even in commercial stores in packaged form for use on the face.

Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin

Now what exactly is red sandal wood ?( quoting from
Red Sandalwood Powder, also known as Rakta Chandana Powder, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antiseptic, wound-healing agent, and as an anti-acne treatment. Red Sandalwood Powder can be made into a paste with honey and water and used directly on the face. It can also be combined with ashwagandha and cosmetic clays or mud for a detoxifying facial. Red Sandalwood Powder is used in soap to yield a dark maroon to purple color.

Here are some other facts about red sandal wood:
Medicinal Parts: This would be the wood
Habitat: It grows in South India, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

Other Names:
Real Sandalwood, Rubywood, Red Saunders, Sanderswood Red, Sappan

Red sandal wood is known for its cosmetic as well as medicinal uses.

Some medicinal uses:
1. To cure digestive problems
2. To lower blood pressure, blood sugar and hyper tension.
3. Reduces nausea and dysentery
4. External application helps in relief of headaches and fevers.

Now, coming onto some cosmetic uses which I am more familiar with and can vouch for 
1. Red sandal wood powder mixed with strong chamomile tea is a good anti ageing treatment as well as good for sun damaged skin.

2. Red sandal wood powder mixed with honey is a good treatment to lighten acne scars (I guarantee this!)

3. A combination of red sandalwood, glycerin and rose water can be used to reduce wrinkles naturally.

My take and why I wholeheartedly recommend this

Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin
This is the powder that I use the most for a home made mask. There are many ways in which red sandal wood can be incorporated into your skin care regime to get that glowing skin naturally. Red sandalwood is full of anti aging, detoxifying and wrinkle banishing properties. It also has anti bacterial and antiseptic properties.

Using the actual wood is the best option. You can rub the wood on a rough stone slab with water to extract the paste and then use it on your face. But since this is not an easily available option, you can get the powdered form and use that but you have to make sure the powder you get is unadulterated; else you will end up with an itchy, red face as a result of an allergic reaction. So make sure to buy from reputed shops and brands.

Mixing red sandalwood with milk, honey and besan (gram flour) is a good daily face mask which will give you glowing skin without a doubt. I use this and love how my skin feels after using it.

My mom used to use the wood long back in her college years to make a paste and apply it on acid scars to fade it! And it works…it really does !

Personally, I have had a good experience in using it as I know from experience that I can rely on it to banish acne marks and give glowing skin.

Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin

You see, a few years back, I had gone to a beauty parlor to get a facial. This was during Eid and there were a lot of customers. I think the lady used the same things she used on other clients and I ended up with a huge acne breakout leaving my face full of acne and dark acne spots. I actually had to take an antibiotic to get it to stop but the acne marks were still there. My face looked horrendous; as if I had just had a bout of chicken pox. I kid you not; it was that bad. Then, I started applying a paste of red sandalwood powder and honey every night before going to sleep and left it on overnight( I slept with a rag cloth beneath my head )and in a month’s time, my face had cleared up ! It was great.

This is the reason why I have great faith in this and I recommend anyone and anyone to go out and get this if you want to be free of dark spots and get glowing skin in general.

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