Beauty Tools : How To Take Care

Beauty Tools : How To Take Care Of

Hello Ladies!!

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!! Now we all know how much we spend on beauty tools, brushes, sponges, blow dryers and everything below the sun which can simplify our makeup routine, so today here’s a general article on how to take care of beauty tools.

How To Take Care Of Beauty Tools

Firstly, makeup brushes!! I gave you some tips and tricks on how to look after your makeup brushes HERE and also showed you how I wash my brushes HERE. But then, please keep in my mind, that just as you need to take care of your hair and skin, and they need cleaning your brushes too need cleansing. If you are a lazy type, use the brush cleansers available in market, or make it a point to wipe your brushes with a wet wipe just to avoid accumulation of makeup on the brushes and this would thus reduce your efforts with regular washing of the brushes.

Makeup Sponges, more than the brushes makeup sponges need to be washed and cleansed. So even if you wash your brushes once in two weeks, make sure you wash your sponges more often and replace them too. Same applies for sponge tip eyeshadow applicators!! Use those disposable ones!!

How To Take Care Of Beauty Tools

Shower loofahs and puffs! You would raise a brow thinking, do these need cleansing too? Yes they do, the best way of doing this is using your washing machine to wash them, they are tough and won’t lose out on their shape!! Or rinse them in hot water shower with some antibacterial soap or liquid. Replace them regularly.

Blow dryers, again you may raise a brow!! You know there is grid at the back of the dryer, which tends to collect on dust and other unwanted substances, and gets caked up? Get it out and clean it or wipe it with the help of q-tips.

Eyelash Curlers, the curve which curls the lashes, has this mascara accumulated on it which needs cleaning!! So clean it with the help of wet wipes or makeup remover!!

How To Take Care Of Beauty Tools


Same goes with your tweezers and nail clippers!! Sanitize them often!

Combs and brushes!! This grosses me out!! I mean dirty combs and brushes with hair in them, yuck!! Make sure you use clean combs and brushes!!!

Makeup holders and stashes!! Again dusty storage for makeup is NOT RECOMMENDED!! Clean and dust them regularly! This will also make sure that your makeup is safe and dirt free!!

Cosmetic cases and compacts!! I hate dusty and messy cosmetic containers, I mean you know the brim of the compact full of blush or eyeshadow looks so dirty and unhygienic, especially when you use them in public, so clean them!! Even the casing for lipsticks!!

Have I missed out on any beauty tool? Let me know how you look after your beauty tools and take care of them!!

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