Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin

Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin

Hello Ladies,

A while ago I had a general post on my most frequent home remedies used. A lot of ladies asked me about the cournflour and egg mask, which basically helps in tightening the skin and also keep the skin soft and oil free. But with summers, my skin has begun to tan and also extra oil over my T zone has been freaking me out. So here is my instant retort to tan and oily T zone, my cornflour and curd mask.

Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin

What do you need?

What does the mask do?
Basically this mask is great for getting tan off your skin, curd has those properties to remove the most stubborn of tans too. Cornflour basically tightens the skin and pores and sucks up all the oil and greasiness from the skin.

How to make it ?

Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin
Take about half a teaspoon of cornflour, you cannot refrigerate the extra content, so make only how much you need. Half a spoon of cornflour is more than enough for using one time.

Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin

Take 1 spoon of curd, and mix it with the cornflour until it gets transformed into a paste.

Cornflour and Curd Mask – Instant Magic For The Skin

Be quick, it may just get stuck if you are slow.

How to apply it?
As soon as you get the paste formed, just apply it on to your face until the neck. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. After it is dried completely, just shed it off your face. It may clog sinks, so be careful, after it gets off totally, scrub your skin with a skin scrub of your choice followed by a face wash. TADAAA you are done!!

Final Result ?
As soon as you are done with washing it away, you would surface a fresh looking and feeling soft skin, radiant from within.

I swear you’d love the effect and I recommend you trying it every 3 times in a week!! And with summers and tanning, I surely suggest applying it more frequently.

Do let me know your ways of combating tan and heat together!!

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