Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil- Review

Every woman goes through a period of hair loss in her lifetime. I went through mine recently, and no matter what I tried there seemed to be more hair in my towel and pillows than on my scalp! I was desperate for a cure and almost ran out of remedies. A call from my sister came to my rescue .She mentioned about this Indian Ayurvedic hair oil that worked for her and now, it is one of my must-have hair products. Today I’d be reviewing Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil.

This is how the product looks:

Dhathri Hair Care herbal Oil

Dhathri Hair Care herbal Oil

Product Claim:
Unbreakable hair in 6 weeks.

It is packed in a white PET bottle with a screw cap and has a plastic cork with a little opening for the oil to flow out. The holding capacity is 100 ml. It comes with a small leaflet which describes the product and how it works. When I checked their site recently, I found out that they have given the bottle a makeover as you can see below:

Dhathri Hair Care herbal Oil

AED 13.50 for 100ml bottle.

I got mine from Abu Dhabi Co operative Society, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi but I have seen it in almost all the supermarkets and groceries across UAE, where they sell Indian stuff.


Ingredients(as per the leaflet):
NeelaAmari, Kayyunni, Aloevera, Brahmi,Nellika Errattimadhuram,Kunni, anjana Thannikka, Kadukka,Puranakittam,Coconut oil.

Sounds Greek?:-)They are all Ayurvedic stuff widely used for medicinal treatments.

How Dhathri works(as per the leaflet):
Our head has more absorption capacity than an
y part of our body.Applying Dhathri Hair oil regulary helps hair cells to absorb the medicinal contents from it and leads to effective curative actions in our body.Aloevera strengthens the roots of the hair.Nellika,Thannikka, Kadukka gives coolness to eyes and head.Neela Amari,Kayunni,Brahmi enriches the hair roots, and the highly concentrated pure coconut oil helps your hair retain it’s glow and charm.In all, Dhathri haircare is a total hair care therapy to bring out the beauty in you.

How to use(as per the leaflet):
Gently massage or comb your hair before applying oil.Apply 7 to 10ml of Dhathri Hair Oil and leave atleast for 30minutes.Use a mild herbal shampoo to wash off the extra oil.Each bottle of oil can be used for a period of 10 to 15 days for three months,afterwhich one bottle can be used for a period of 30 days for permenant use.Here’s a look at the leaflet content:


My Experience:
This oil has helped me a lot in reducing hair loss and and given a shiny,bouncy look to my hair.I apply it daily for the maximum effect,leave it on for 30 minutes and wash with a mild herbal shampoo from the same brand,then I follow up with my favorite conditioner.My hair loss has reduced to upto 95 percent and I have been using this oil for the last two years.I must add,that its smell can be a bit weird and overpowering for some people,but for those who have experience using ayurvedic products, its just fine.One of my emirati friends told me she just cant stand the smell,and sadly cannot use it.Once you wash off,there’s no trace of the smell.The herb particles tend to settle down at the bottom so its advisable to give the bottle a good shake before pouring the oil out.I have noticed that if I discontinue using the oil for more than a week ,my hair starts falling,but when I resume, hair loss is reduced almost instantly.Its also suitable for all types of hair.I have wavy/straight hair and my sister has super curly hair , both of us see the same results from this oil.Since it has coconut oil as the base it tends to freeze to a gel form when kept in cold temperatures especially when the AC is on.I keep mine in the washroom cabinet and there it maintains its liquid form.Each bottle lasts slightly more than a month on daily usage.

The texture is same as that of coconut oil with little black particles(I guess it’s the herbs).

This is how the oil looks:


Pros of Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil
• Helps reduce Hair loss
• Can be applied on any type of hair
• Easily available in UAE
• Easy to use
• Affordable price
• No artificial ingredients.
• No artificial Fragnance

Cons of Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil
• Smell can be overpowering
• Hair loss returns if not used continuously
• Tends to freeze in low temperature(I am not sure whether it’s a con because it is the natural property of cocount oil to freeze when its stored in low temperature)

My Conclusion:
It works for me and I am very happy with the results.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wishes to nourish their hair and reduce hair loss.

Rating :
I would give it 4.5/5.Above mentioned cons are the reason why I reduced 0.5.