How To Dress To An Interview

How To Dress To An Interview

Hello ladies!
Now this can be a million dollar question or an easy one too! I am sure almost all of us who has ever been into that horrendous interview phase, has always has a screwed evening prior to the interview deciding on what would be ideal to wear for “the day”. So here are some tips on how to dress to an interview.

How To Dress To An Interview

First and fore mostly! You have to get this straight hammered into your brain that you do not WANT to look like a disco ball, next you don’t want to look like a PIN UP girl, next you do not want to look like you are already giving up on the job you haven’t even got yet! :D

To begin with watch your cleavage! I mean you certainly don’t want the interviewer to ask you to fix up your buttons so better wear something which is formal and decent. Dress and act modestly.

Next thing, the colors you wear mustn’t be the kinds which hit the eyes neither should they be the kinds which let the onlookers know you were just too tensed to pick the right colors for the day. So play safe, and balance your outfit and the colors it has. If not sure wear black! That’s the trick!

How To Dress To An Interview

Mind your lengths! I mean nothing puts off an interviewer than a skimpy dress or body hugging halter, unless the interviewer is in “Some other thoughts”, ahem ahem! So keep yourself decent and sane enough.

I have a notion that sleeveless dresses or tops are best for those casual night outs or pub evenings, somehow they just don’t work for interviews but for regular office days just to lift up your moods you can certainly pull down one of them.

Jacket up! I mean for me formal means a “jacket” or a “Suit”, PERIOD. So always pull up a jacket or a suit for these “Formal” meetings, they always save you!

Do not over accessorize! I mean always limit accessories. You do not want to look like you have worn all the accessories you could get hold off.

How To Dress To An Interview

Keep the makeup natural and defined. You want to look polished not OVERDONE.

Do not forget the right shoes, do not WEAR boots or similar shoes which make you look like a loser to an interview keep them for your weekends. :O

Last but not the least, good lingerie. Make sure nothing is too suffocated or left hanging. It should be a perfect fit!

Hair, make sure that they make you look nice and polished but not straight from the bed!

Do not forget some breathe freshener and a good perfume. Smell good no matter how you are where you are.

Have I missed out on anything? Please put in your ideas and tips on How To Dress To An Interview!!

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