Essence Nail Polish Remover Review

Essence Nail Polish Remover

Nail paints are the most inevitable thing that can ever happen to the female species. I think there is hardly even one woman alive who has never ever fallen in love with nail paints, irrespective of the kind of nails she has. I say this since I have had the most unhealthy nails all my life, thanks to my nail biting habit which always accompanied me ever since childhood. This review is about another inevitable thing after the nail paints, the essence nail polish remover.

essence nail polish remover

Anyways, on my recent visit to Sharjah City Centre, I stumbled on this German brand called Essence. I heard a lot of women raving about this brand, but never tried it out. The counter had an amazing collection of lipsticks and nail polishes and make up palettes, I did not check them out due to lack of time and my Mum usually doesn’t leave me alone with cosmetics. :P But those lipsticks and nail paints are still calling me and I will be returning to them soon.

I was on the look for a nice nail polish remover since few days, since my ex nail polish remover didn’t excite me anymore. :P I mean I just needed a change.  ( Yes, I am the kinds who gets bored even by her monotonous nail paint remover) . Essence just got me there, I bought their nail polish remover just because I wanted to try something new and the turquoise blue color and the coconut vanilla fragrance of the remover enticed me. :P

essence nail paint remover

Product Claim (as per the packaging):
Highly effective nail polish remover removes all kinds of nail polishes without drying out the cuticle or nail surface, with pleasant coconut-vanilla fragrance. A moisturizing nail polish remover.

Price and quantity:
6 AED for 150 ml

Acetone, Aqua Alcohol Denat, Propylene glycol, Butyl Acetate, Parfum, Coumarin, Benzyl Alcohol, CI 61565

The Essence Nail polish remover comes in a semi transparent plastic bottle with a screw up cap. I find the packaging wise enough since for careless people like me the plastic bottle ensures that I won’t toss and break it, this usually happened with me when I had nail polish removers in a glass bottle. 

About Essence Nail Polish Remover
The Essence Nail polish remover is the first perfumed or scented nail paint remover I have personally come across. Unlike the other nail paint removers this one isn’t too drying and doesn’t ruin my cuticles making them hard. Its quiet a moisturizing nail paint remover and with the price and the quantity offered it a sure steal. 

essence nail polish remover

Why should you buy the Essence Nail Polish Remover

• The first and foremost reason to buy the Essence Nail polish remover is the price. The price is very affordable at 6 AED, and it does not at all mar the quality of the nail polish remover and neither does it falsify any of its claims.
• The quantity is too good for the price. I’ve been using this bottle for the past one month, and it will surely suffice me for the coming 2-3 months.
• The turquoise color of the remover liquid totally sold it to me, I love fresh colors. 
• The USP of the product for me is the perfume of the remover. It smells a yummy coconut –vanilla fragrance, reminds me of the colorsensational lipsticks by Maybelline. It’s not too strong, and completely soothing and pleasant.
• The remover doesn’t dry my nail surface. It happens with a lot of nail polish removers that after removing the nail polish they make the nail bed appear white and rough. The Essence Nail polish remover leaves the nail bed with a healthy shine and a yummilicious scent. 
• My cuticles love the Essence Nail polish remover. Nail paint removers tend to make the cuticles hard and darken them; with this nail polish remover you won’t find any such thing.
• Just a dab of the product on a cotton ball or tissue is enough for you to get rid of any nail paint, irrespective of the color or texture. Just one swipe and a clean nail bed is visible.
• It lives up to its claim of being a moisturizing nail polish remover.

essence nail paint remover

Why Should You Skip the Essence Nail Polish Remover

• There’s just one complain I have with the packaging of the Essence Nail polish remover, the bottle has a screw up cap only, I wish there was another little lid beneath it, since the bottle is wide-mouthed and if you are careless, you may spill the whole content of the nail polish remover.
• There is absolutely no reason for you to skip this nail paint remover.

Final Verdict:
If you love your nail, cuticles and you pocket, you MUST have the Essence Nail polish remover.

Ratings:4.5/ 5 ( 0.5 deducted for the packaging.)