Food Stuffs Which Are Bad For Skin

Food Stuffs Which Are Bad For Skin

Hello Ladies!
Has the title intrigued you enough? Not really? Read on you would be amazed to about the food stuffs which are bad for skin. I surely had my eyes a little wider open when I read about few of them.

Food Stuffs Which Are Bad For Skin

Processed/Canned Food :
Processing and canning food causes the loss of nutrients and enzymes, the deficiency in these edibles show up on the skin too. Also these do not have water content in them, which eventually zeroes the needs to eat them. So try and eradicate the processed and canned foodstuffs from your life, which is kind of tough in the region we live in, but a try is worth it.

Non Organic Edibles :
These can contain hormones, waxes , fungicides. Some of these can cause disruptions not just to the skin but your internal body in general.

Food Stuffs Which Are Bad For Skin

Frozen Meat :
People say that these animals which are further froze to serve our tummies are fed with steroids and antibiotics which are inevitably bad for the body and thus this reflects as acne, discoloration and other effects on the skin. Again this is next to impossible for people living in this region.

Fried Food Or Hydrogenated Oils :
These not just contribute to blocking of the arteries but also cause break outs and acne on the skin.

Artificial Sweeteners and Food Colors :
These contain no nutritional value and cause irritations and skin problems.

Bad Quality Food Supplements :
These can dehydrate the skin and thus cause dullness and breakouts.

Food Stuffs Which Are Bad For Skin

Excessive Sugar :
Excessive sugar can cause breakouts too.

Extra Caffeine :
Dehydration! Dehydration! Dehyration!

So now you know which items you need to cut off your diet!!

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