Home Remedies For Longer Eye Lashes

Home Remedies For Longer Eye Lashes

Hello Ladies!

Hope you guys are doing fantastic today! Yesterday I posted my first ever FOTD HERE, and even before I have been told that I have luscious lashes :P :P  *blush* *blush* ( I sound like a loser I know)   So here are some home remedies for longer eye lashes.

Home Remedies For Longer Eye Lashes

I know I am the official ambassador for olive oil and almond oil, but my first and most effective remedies for long lush lashes are olive oil and almond oil. I cannot exaggerate enough on how effective olive oil is for all its goodness for skin and hair. I mean trust me it is one of the best-est kitchen shelf remedies EVER! I wouldn’t say more about these oils but will surely say you try it and you’ll know it! I have been using olive oil since ever for my brows and eyelashes, and I also use it for removing remnant mascara from the inner corners of the eye and my waterline.  It has worked wonders for my brows and lashes and I am totally LIKE TOTALLY recommending it to everyone who is looking for luscious lashes.

Home Remedies For Longer Eye Lashes

Petroleum Jelly, personally I haven’t tried this, but I have heard 7 out 10 women speak about this trick. Try using an old mascara wand for applying petroleum jelly onto the lashes.

Green tea, unsweetened green tea needs to be dabbed onto the lashes with a cotton pad. Infact you can just keep the cotton pads onto the eyes and relax and let the green tea work on the puffiness while nourishing the lashes.

Lemon and olive oil are a great combo! Lemon promotes healthy lash growth whereas olive oil nourishes the lashes.

There are a lot of lash growth supplements available in the market, but I haven’t used any and I am very skeptical about lash extensions too, they just look very scary to me.

Home Remedies For Longer Eye Lashes

For me olive oil and sleeping with clean and makeup free lashes is the key and I would suggest the same to you guys.

Is there anything else which you follow for healthier lashes? Please share.

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