Healthy Eye Brows : Home Remedies For Thick Eye Brows

Healthy Eye Brows  : Home Remedies For Thick Eye Brows


Hello Ladies,


Today I have home remedies for thick brows for you all.  You all may be knowing that I swear by my olive oil for my tresses, my lashes and my eye brows and also for my skin. I feel it is a multipurpose oil and does exactly what it should do when used appropriately, be it even in your food.

Healthy Eye Brows : Home Remedies For Thick Eye Brows

Here are some remedies direct from your kitchen shelf  and they shall surely work if you are loyal with using them properly.


Olive Oil: My fav!! Totally effective, and totally safe. Massage in olive oil every night into your brows, and I guarantee you to have the thickest brows in like a month’s time.


Castor Oil:  Castor Oil massages help brow growth. So include this in your night skin care routine. Make sure you do it every night. Castor Oil doen’t only boost the hair growth but also nourishes and nurtures the brows.


Healthy Eye Brows : Home Remedies For Thick Eye Brows

Egg White : Take a cotton pad and rub egg white onto your brows. Keep it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water. By doing this you shall have extra nourished brows.


Healthy Eye Brows : Home Remedies For Thick Eye Brows

Milk : This is another remedy I swear by, Milk has proteins and vitamins, so this nourishes the brows and also makes them thicker and fuller.


Aloe Vera : Mix Aloe Vera with vitamin E oil and apply the mixture to your brows.  Keep it for about an hour and then rinse off. This shall proffer strength to your eyebrows.


Other than these remedies, diet also plays an important role in boosting hair growth. Include, meat, fish, sprouts and vegetables in your diet. Vitamin supplements also help in increasing hair growth.


I hope these remedies help you all !! Do let me know your versions of home remedies to enhance eye brow growth.!!

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