Matte Lips : How To Wear A Matte Lipstick

Matte Lips : How To Wear A Matte Lipstick

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Today I would be giving you some tips and tricks on how to wear a matte lipstick.

Matte Lips : How To Wear A Matte Lipstick

Basically I am more of a matte lipstick person, but that doesn’t mean that I love my gloss and shine less, it depends on the mood ad requirement of the day. :P Like if I see the day being too busy and scheduled I prefer matte lipsticks whereas when it is a little relaxed and chilled out I prefer the glossy lipcolors. 

Wearing a matte lipcolor is no jokes seriously, I have come across ladies with peeling and flaking lips wearing matte shades, and these shades just add up to unpleasant lip imperfections which is a real turn off.  Anyhow let’s get started and hopefully these tips will help you avoid all such uneasy and embarrassing situations. 

Matte Lips : How To Wear A Matte Lipstick

First of all, exfoliate the lips. Exfoliation is important before application of any lip product type and kind. Now how you exfoliate is your choice. Here are some easy ways of exfoliating your lips :
Toothbrush Method : After Brushing your teeth in the morning or night, just rub your wet toothbrush on your lips and exfoliate them.
Vaseline Way : Apply a generous quantity of Vaseline on your lips and brush your lips with a toothbrush, this will help you get rid of flaxy and dry lips. 
Sugar Scrub : Take some regular sugar and some edible oil or Vaseline, mix the two and scrub it onto your lips, this is a “sweet” way of scrubning lips. :P

The next step would be moisturizing the lips. Dab on some lip balm and let it be on there for some time, say 10 minutes and now bite in a tissue paper with your lips so that the excessive lipbalm gets onto the tissue. Now you have soft and supple lips ready.

Matte Lips : How To Wear A Matte Lipstick

Next would be lining your lips, take a corresponding colored lip pencil to your lips or the lipcolor and line your lips. This will define your lips better.

Now dab on some lipstick direct from the bullet on, fill in your lips. After this, take a lip brush and coat one more layer of the color.  This will ensure that your lips look even. 

Pucker up and you are done!!

I ensure you if you try this, you will have some beautiful matte colored lips which will stay so for hours to come. 

Do you apply a matte shade the same way?

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