Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Today I am going to review a very interesting product! Something which all of you would love!! After all we all like lasting makeup!! :P So here’s presenting to you guys my views on the Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix.

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix Review

Product Claim and Description :

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix Review
1.Fixes base makeup with longer lasting effect
- Wheat protein polymer ingredient creates a clear coating to protect makeup from water, sebum and perspiration.
2. No smudges, perfect makeup all day along
- You can use the make up fix frequently to keep make up from smudging or fading away
3. Contains power for matt, soft skin
- contains sebum absorbing powder that keeps skin matt and smooth
4. Nano vita powder (patent no. 10-0628864) which is capsulated complex of various vitamins and minerals keeps skin healthy.

Ingredients :

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix Review
1. Resurrection plant extract
- Moisturizes the skin
2. Deep sea Water
- Protects evaporation of skin moisture
3. Glacier water
- natural moisturizer for clearer skin
4. lyophilizaed Nano Vita powder (patent no. 10-0628864) – Various vitamins(C,E,F,B3, B5, H) and derivatives capsulated to be more effective and penetrating into the skin
5. Poros sebum control powder
Powder that effectively absorbs sebum while discharge perspiration to prevent greasy skin to keep make up last longer
6. Vitamin Water
Complex of Vitamin water extract from Acelora, Grape fruit and Citron that moisturizes the skin

1. Shake well before use
2. Spray from 15-20cm away from the face area
3. Pat lightly to absorb
Price, Quantity and Availability :
Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix retails for 12AED ONLY. I bought it from the Missha Store in Mirdiff City Centre. The bottle has 60 ml of the product!

Packaging :

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix Review
Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix comes in a simple plastic spray bottle!!

My Thoughts On The Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix :

Makeup Spray : Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix Review
I was very happy with my PRIMERS for holding up my makeup for that extra long stretch!! But then the crazy weather here, and some of my extra prolonged activities outdoors, made me think twice! I mean what’s the harm in having a little more protection and caution, right? So I was looking up for some affordable makeup sprays which could solve the purpose! I was a the Mirdiff City Center somedays back and I was doing my bit of gazing, scanning and shopping! Mirdiff has a ton of brands to choose from, hence it is one of my most favorite places to shop! I mean they have humungous, brands for clothes, shoes and makeup!!I am sorted right!! 

So I happened to stumble at Missha, I guess it is on the ground level and I wanted to check the BB cream of course!! But then you know how excited I get when I am at a makeup store! I picked up a couple of things from the brand and Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix happens to be one of them. And when I saw the price label, I wanted to get more than just one, but then I held my breath and headed to the bill counter with just one spray bottle!

I have been using it for attending functions, staying outdoors and everywhere else where I need to look shine free!

How Do I Use It?
Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix is basically a clear water like spray which I spray over my base makeup once, and then once when my makeup is done, when I know I am not going to get a chance for touch ups or anything similar! Whereas on normal times, I do it just once after the whole makeup is done and I am done!

I DO NOT use a sponge or brush to pat it in! It just takes like a couple of pats with my fingers and it is very much in my skin! You initially feel wet and scary like someone just sprayed water on your face which is very OBVIOUS, but then within a few seconds disappears!

You can also use it directly after washing your face and moisturizing! It can easily replace your primer, if you use the primer just for keeping your make up in place!

Read on to know more about the Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix,

What’s to LOVE about the Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix :

• Price and the quantity! I mean 60ML for 12 AED!! Incredible right?
• Has a very calm and soothing floral scent!
• It’s just clear water like and not tinted or colored by any means!
• It has a semi matte finish!
• It keeps my makeup from moving or melting for like a whole day which means 9+hours!
• Keeps shine and grime away from my face especially the t-zone!
• It makes my makeup stay put even in the hot and humid weather here! Isn’t it magical?
• Great for functions and events which involve photography! It makes the skin look gracious and beautiful even in pictures! 
• It’s great for the overall makeup, be it the blush, eyeshadow or the base make up, it keeps them in place for hours to come.
• Missha doesn’t test on animals and it is a cruelty free brand! Check the ingredient list!
• Keeps my face from sweating! Especially my forehead and at the cupid’s bow!
• Suits all skin types!
• Easy and handy to carry around!
• It didn’t irritate my skin or cause break outs!
• It keeps my skin from drying in the harsh Air Conditioned environments! 
• 4-5 pumps are more than enough, so the bottle shall last me a couple of months!

What’s to HATE about the Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix :

Nothing really!
But yes, people with oily skin may have a little problem with this since it has a semi matte finish, but I think this can be combated with dabbing some compact powder over it! I mean I do the same, if I need an absolutely matte finish!Other than this I havent tested it for its water proof-ability, since it DOESN’T rain here!

Final Verdict :
If you are on a budget and you have been looking for a makeup setting spray, I totally recommend the Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix to you!  It keeps up to all its claims and also proves to be great with making the makeup last long! So it deserves a DEFINATE try!

Ratings :

Do you guys use a makeup setting spray? If yes, which one?

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