Neutral Eye Make Up- Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I would be doing another make up tutorial for EMBB. Today I’d be doing a natural/brown eyes!:)

Step 1:
Conceal your eyes with primer I used Too faced Shadow Insurance here and applied NYX Jumbo eye pencil in pure gold as a make up a base.
natural brown make up

Step 2:
Apply any pigment at the inner corner of the eyes I’m using Naked bye MAC and get it on the crease too. Pat on a gold pigment on the lid, I used a gold eyeshadow by Neve Make Up.
NATURAL brown make up

Step 3:
Now apply a coco colored eyeshadow on the outer V of the eye I am using one cacao by Minerale Puro bring this shade onto the crease from the outer end.
neutral eye make up

Step 4:
Now apply a white colored highlighter under the eyebrows on the brow bone, I am using a White Pearl by essence.
neutral make up

Step 5:
Now blend the eyeshadow using your regular blending brushes. Bring the brown eyeshadow at the entire crease and blend it.
natural make up for brown eyes

Step 6:
Apply black eyeliner now. I am using the gel eye liner by Calvin Klein.
natural make up

Step 7:
my eyes are ready!!!
natural make up

You can team the eyes with a light blush and a nude lipstick. It’s a nice everyday eye make up look, which can be worn to office too.

Here are the products I used:
natural make up

I hope you liked my tutorial!!
thank you so much!

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