Remedies For Dry Eyelids

Remedies For Dry Eyelids

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How’s the week passing by? I have been plain lazy  But it’s good to be lazy at times I guess. Today I am writing about remedies for dry eyelids, I know many of us tend to forget our eye cream at night and wake up to super itchy and dry eyelids, which leads to us rubbing on them and then tugging them and then it continues the whole day, ugghhhh!! Irritation, and the worst part is when you are all set to apply makeup and the lids begins to itch suddenly. So here are few ways to combat dry eyelids.

Remedies For Dry Eyelids

First and the easiest trick, warm compress, dampen a towel or a napkin in luke warm water and slowly compress your eye with it. This will soothen and loosen the dried flakes of skin. This is a mild way of combating dry eyelids.

Gentle scrub. Do not get harsh while scrubbing off the skin around the eyes and the eyelids, be gentle, use the sugar and oil scrub which is not very rash and chemical free too. Or dip your towel in luke warm water and gently scrub your eye lid with it. You can use some baby shampoo or mild face cleanser too, nothing too harsh.

Remedies For Dry Eyelids

Dry eyelids could be a result of dry eyes. So make sure you have some over the counter artificial tears handy just for the hydration of the eyes. These basically help in maintaining moisture in the eyes.

Eye creams, the key to avoid dry skin around the eyes is to keep it hydrated. Use moisturizers during the day and night both this will ensure you wake up to super supple skin every morning and this hydration is maintained through the day too.

Eye masks, I am not a fan of eye masks to be honest but then at times I do try some, I prefer using cucumber or aloe vera instead of typical eye masks.

Remedies For Dry Eyelids

And to sum up, the best remedy for all these problems is massaging your eyes with some olive oil or almond oil before going to bed, make sure you rub some onto your lashes too, and you would see the difference yourself.

Do you face the problem of dry eyelids? How do you combat dry itchy eye lids?

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